My name is Andrea – and this is what life should be all about: Here & Now. Get the best out of each minute of your life.

In order to achieve this goal, there is no better way than learning another language. Why? Because learning another language is not only about being able to communicate with more people, but it actually means being able to live another life! In fact getting to know another language means familiarizing with the culture, habits, customs, subculture and vibes.

And while there is no doubt that English is a pretty simple and logical language – hence one of the reason why it is learnt and spoken all over the world – the same can’t be said about British culture and lifestyle, which remains the most hectic, alternative and creative society in the world which everyone should be able to absorbe and get benefits from.

Hence my mission is to make sure that students I teach English can experience what lays behind such a basic language: a cosmopolitan subcultural vibe.   I grew up in England, being my father one of the pioneers of Summer Camps in the late 70s.  Having worked, taught and managed all sorts of young and adult educational and entertainment related activities, I have decided to try and pass on NOT what is clearly seen as Language or cultural British clichè, but something more likely deriving form the real British subcultural vibe giving the opportunity to any teenager to get as close as possible to experience language & lifestyle intensity away from the marketed formats of major companies in the sector, which know all about business and marketing but much less about teenagers’ interests, likes and dislikes.

Nowadays WCT is made up of a team which believes in the creative power of students: Andrea and Alberto