WeCanTeach are a bespoke educational travel company. We offer custom made educational holidays in the United Kingdom.

We like to think we are different, simply because we are. We don’t offer boring generic trips to the UK to teach kids a little English in a few weeks for a few hours a day! We strive to create not only a successful way to learn English but an adventure of a lifetime and an experience kids will never forget.
We have created a balance between classroom time, day trips, games and activities in an English speaking environment that allows our students to study and learn but also to be fully emerged into a different culture. We encourage our students to broaden their horizons, expand their knowledge of the English language, make new friends from all over the world but most importantly have fun doing so.
We understand what works best for children of different ages, we provide them with a holiday to remember and a real insight into another culture.
We are a bespoke brand that caters to the individual needs of the parents and of the children.
We pride ourselves in our planning, our educational knowledge and years of experience. Our staff are all native English speakers or bilinguals who love their work, they are constantly developing new ideas and resources making WE CAN TEACH one of a kind.

We pride our frankness.


1 – Its founder has 31 years’ experience working for UK educators TRULY supporting students and clients which means that he will immediately spot if a UK educator is being honest and genuine about a service or product
2 – All WCT staff are mother tongue English Teachers who live in Naples or in Italy and have wide experience in Summer Schools, Sports and Entertainment industry in the UK, therefore familiar with Italian students’ needs while aware of English culture
3 – WCT works directly with students and REFUSES to work with the public sector therefore reinvesting in students rather than in intermediators. It is the only company which recruits students directly focusing on their interests and needs and not on the commission schools or teachers demand.
4 – WCT centres have all been tested before being promoted.
5- WCT management does not sit behind the desk but TRAVELS and LIVES with students while abroad
6 – WCT organises a presentation or will  come to your house and present the programme, analysing strenghts and weaknesses, possible problems and solutions.
7 – Yan can follow WCT students experience LIVE for the duration of the stay through major Social Medias.

8 – All WCT staff are FIRST AIDERS.
9 – Limited availability at WCT centres guarantees personal attention to detail.
10 – At WCT STUDENTS come FIRST, Group Leaders and teachers come SECOND.