Welcome to We Can Teach

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2012, WeCanTeach is specialized in providing tailor made language services and individual teaching of English to children, teenagers, adults and professionals of every sector. Influenced by the punk scene of the early 1980s in London and by the succession of underground movements in the city, we have always believed that a language cannot be taught without transmitting the main cornerstones of its society. We have been in the sector of English language, culture and subculture teaching since 1988, and every day we work with the same passion and determination with which we started.

What differentiates us from others is that our teachers are all bilingual, which means having a profound knowledge of both cultures. The advantage that students derive from such contact is enormous.

 Another very important aspect is the preparation of teachers. In fact, not only are we certified with specific CELTA and TEFL certifications for teaching English to foreigners, but we have experience of life and culture to be transmitted that goes far beyond a limited university educational path.

Finally, the most important of all aspects: TRUST. Being aware that you can count on a person who with determination and perseverance will lead you or your children to achieve the results and objectives required without abandoning you, is priceless.

We can teach. And we can do it better. Because we simply are.