This certification is recognized by many European and global forensic associations. There are several universities, at least in Europe, which have become an exam center precisely to focus on the acquisition of specific and certified skills. WeCanTeach is TOLES examination center. The two-hour test allows lawyers and law students to have a proven ability to deal with the normal routine of a legal office or a faculty of law in English, even abroad. In particular, the knowledge and use of legal vocabulary, the ability to draft formal letters and e-mails and the comprehension of complex texts, as well as knowledge of grammar and commercial language are tested. The exam has nothing to do with English or American law. The language and terminology tested by TOLES reflect the international commercial transactions of the current global market. The TOLES exam is offered several times a year.

What is TOLES?

The Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES) was the first internationally recognized Legal English exam. TOLES exams test 3 levels of linguistic ability. It is possible to choose to proceed following the 3 levels or, alternatively, take the specific test for one’s own language skills. The two-hour test allows lawyers and law students to have a proven ability to deal with the normal routine of a legal office or a faculty of law in English.

What skills are verified?

  • Knowledge and use of a legal vocabulary in a global context
  • Writing of formal letters and communications via e-mail
  • Reading of complex documentation
  • Language of negotiation
  • Grammatical correctness

The exam has nothing to do with English or American law

Who is TOLES aimed at?

The TOLES is aimed at lawyers and students of the faculty of law who deal with commercial law or who study at the law faculty of English or American universities and who wish to test their ability to deal with practical daily tasks in the English language sector. What use can it have for lawyers and law students? It certifies the real capacity of the person in legal English It can be used to measure your progress – you can take the exam several times Show your employers their language skills. The certificate can be included in the Curriculum Keep your professional development up to date Provides the necessary preparation to enroll in a law course in the UK and USA, or for a scholarship

What use can it have for employees and law firms?

  • Make sure your employees are able to communicate in English effectively
  • Evaluate and compare the legal English skills of their employees and those who are expected to do so
  • TOLES can be used to have an accurate idea of ​​skills that would be very difficult to evaluate otherwise. For example, drafting techniques
  • Encourage employees to take the exam periodically and use the results as a measure of progress
  • Evaluate the usefulness of courses in your company, taking the exam before and after the course
  • A reliable method to identify training needs in legal English within your company

What levels does TOLES cover?

The TOLES exam includes 3 levels. It is possible to choose to take the exams following the order of the levels provided proceeding based on the gradual improvement of the student’s level of English, or choose to take each exam individually:

  • TOLES Foundation: level A2-B1
  • TOLES Higher: B1-B2
  • TOLES Advanced: B2-C1

What is tested during TOLES?

The exam verifies the following abilities:

  • Basic Level: Reading and Writing
  • Intermediate Level: Reading, Writing and Listening
  • Advanced Level: Reading and Writing

TOLES does not require any verification of oral production. The law firms say they are easily able to assess the oral production ability of a lawyer during an interview.

Law firms need a certificate of:

– Good knowledge of written contracts

– Strong drafting skills

– Accuracy in drafting letters, opinions and e-mails

At what level of English does the exam apply?

The maximum result obtainable through the test is 100 points for FOUNDATION and HIGHER and 500 points for ADVANCED. A colored graduated bar is used to express the level of the result obtained by the candidate. A reading of the color scale of the obtained vote is placed at the bottom of the issued certificate. To obtain a better score, the exam can be repeated, with a maximum frequency of 6 months. The TOLES exam is open to everyone. In any case, candidates are advised to have practical experience of a legal environment or to take a legal English course before attempting to pass the test.

 Which organizations is TOLES recognized by?

Among the law firms and organizations that have already registered TOLES candidates we mention:

  • The Law Society of Englandand
  • Wales Linklaters
  • Oppenhoff and Radler
  • Allen & Overy
  • LLP Baker and McKenzie
  • Clifford Chance Punder
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • KPMG