Welcome to WeCanTeach

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2012, WeCanTeach is specialized in providing tailor made individual lessons in English and boutique language services for children, teenagers, adults and professionals in every sector.



What differentiates us from others is that teachers are all bilingual, which means having a profound knowledge of both cultures. The advantage that students derive from such contact is enormous.


Knowing that you can count on a person who with determination and perseverance will lead you and your children to achieve the results and objectives required without abandoning you, is priceless.

Who is WeCanTeach

WeCanTeach is a customized Educational Company. We offer “boutique” language services in Naples and the United Kingdom.

We like to think that we are different simply because we are.


Founder of WeCanTeach

My name is Andrea – and this is what life should be: Here and Now.

Make the most of every minute of your life. And in order to achieve this goal, there is no better way to learn another language.


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Registered Office:
Suite 312/A, Cotton Exchange, Old Hall Street
Liverpool L3 9LQ – United Kingdom

UK +44 (0) 208 8144 154

Email: info@wecanteach.co.uk

We are not on social media.
We prefer to socialise face-to-face.

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